MAPLAB #5 – Secret Skatepark Projection Mapping Mission

We took over The Berrics for a 4hour mapathon. Teams formed to work on two main areas, with plenty of peripheral projection (and skateboarding) going on around the park.

The liquor store facade became the set of an animated narrative. The intrepid mappers found a blue stretch of wall to capture some live action shots and then used chromakey to create isolated assets to composite into the liquor store scene. The glowing rectangles of many animators' laptop screens were visible around the park as elements came together across multiple platforms.

On the other side of the room, an interactive Quarter pipe took shape. With a Kinect sensor at the foot of the ramp, skaters' trajectories were tracked and traced in TouchDesigner. The Touch server also sent tracking data via OSC to Max4Live on another computer to add a sonification layer to the interactive Quarter pipe setup.

There was pizza too!