Ego Free Music Group Promotional Video Sample #1

Ego Free Music Group Promotional Video Sample #1

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Ego Free Music Group promotional sample:

Client: iJustMetMe
Promotion: Motivational speaking engagement "Digging For Gold"

Corporate Branding News: Indirect Embroidered Patches for Promotions

Corporate Branding News: Indirect Embroidered Patches for Promotions Windswept Marketing provides permanent apparel branding without the hassels of sew-on patches.

Traditional custom direct embroidery has been done by hooping the garments and sewing directly through the apparel causing an uncomfortable, heavy feeling final look which compromises the integrity of the logo and the apparel. This method limited the ability to showcase one's brand on items that were difficult to access with a sewing machine. The added hardship of having to do large runs and branding the actual clothing with the embroidery up front causing inventory left many stuck with excess inventory and up front costs. Indirect Embroidery™ is the solution to all of these obstacles.

Windswept Marketing is blazing the trail with Indirect Embroidery™. This breakthrough process is welcomed with open arms by those that understand the advantages such as The Home Depot, Ford, NFL, Michelin and many others. With Windswept Marketing's proprietary system, they can now liberate companies that understand the importance of branding, but were limited to the old technology for small runs to only be able to decorate on the front of a shirt or easy to access places. Now, state of the art Indirect Embroidery™ logos can be bonded to any kind of apparel, in any place; for example, the bill of a hat, pocket of a shirt, bag or portfolios that could not be "hooped" for standard embroidery or the collar of a shirt to name a few. One can even do this as an afterthought, because the Indirect Embroidery™ can be attached to anything with the same longevity as direct embroidery without having to have large minimum runs of inventory.

Windswept Marketing has a division in the United States that permanently bonds the computer perfect Indirect Embroidery™ manufactured with laser cut precision to any piece of clothing, sportswear or creative place a client can imagine. This opens up the possibilities of branding in places one's competition can't.

The Indirect Embroidery™ has the same lifespan as a regular direct embroidery. The user can wash the apparel in a washing machine then dry them in an electric clothes dryer while the Indirect Embroidery remains bonded. Indirect Embroidery™ is washing machine and clothes dryer safe.

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